For Clients

We will start accepting new patients in April 2021. Most appointments will be through telehealth. We do not accept insurance at this time.

Sessions are billed hourly at $90.00/hour. EMDR Therapy intensive sessions (multi-hour sessions) are also billed at $90.00/hour.

About Thomas Zimmerman, Ms.Ed., LPCC

Thomas is one of the most highly trained EMDR therapists in Northeast Ohio. He has effectively worked with hundreds of severely traumatized clients. He has experience effectively treating: flashbacks, trauma-related nightmares, strong emotional responses when triggered, dissociation in all forms (including Dissociative Identity Disorder), avoidance behaviors, agoraphobia, panic and anxiety symptoms, trauma-related depression, social withdrawal, severe grief, LGBTQIA-related traumas, and childhood developmental and attachment wounding.

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