EMDR Cleveland, LLC, is directed by EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Thomas Zimmerman, Ms.Ed., LPCC. Thomas is a highly trained and experienced trauma therapist who has worked with hundreds of severely traumatized clients and is familiar with the wide range of ways that trauma may express. Thomas was trained in EMDR Therapy by the Institute for Creative Mindfulness and provides consultation to EMDR therapists across the country. He is one of only about 20 EMDRIA Approved Consultants within a 100 mile radius of Cleveland.

About EMDR

EMDR is a therapy developed about 30 years ago to rapidly and effectively treat traumatic memories. EMDR is also effective in treating deeply wounding experiences that are not “events,” such as emotional or physical neglect in childhood. EMDR Therapy is an evidence-based psychotherapy and one of the most common ways to treat trauma globally.

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